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AMAZON DREAM (5 days / 4 nights cruise - 6 days / 5 nights - 10 days / 9 nights)


Three to four hours of sailing a day ... and itineraries, stopovers, unique programs that reveal the many facets of the Amazon.
The great spectacle of nature, the fascinating observation of the fauna and the flora ... but also the encounters with the village communities, the discovery of their craftsmanship, their traditions.
The emotion of the primary forest and the exploration of the iguarapés, these small tributaries which sink under the lianas ... then the softness of the beaches of white sand from August to February, and the tranquility of the transparent waters.
At nightfall, when the Amazon night shakes its mystery with sleepy nature and surprises the secular visitor, the boat becomes a safe haven ... And some evenings, musicians and dancers take travelers in the bewitching rhythms of foro, carimbo or the brega, or it is an impromptu departure for a moonlit party ...


The home port of the Amazon Dream is the town of Santarem, located in the state of Para. Santarem, with a population of 350,000. It is served by daily air connections from Belém and Manaus. From France, Air France offers daily flights to Sao Paulo or Brasilia in connection with domestic flights to Santarem. The company also offers flights via Lisbon to Manaus, Belem and Fortaleza. If you are already in Brazil, you will reach Santarem by plane via Manaus or Belém. We can, if you wish, entrust to one of our partner travel agencies your air route on the domestic routes and your extensions if necessary.


Reception at the airport: the journey to the dock where the boat is moored is the occasion of a first discovery of the city, located at the confluence of the Amazone and the Tapajos.
On arrival, the Amazon Dream representative will welcome you on board the boat. Installation in your cabins. Smiles everywhere, music, somewhere, you're in the Amazon.
15 h 00 : Around fruit juices with amazing flavors, you get to know the crew. Your guide, presents the itinerary of the cruise on the Amazon River.
15 h 30 : The Amazon Dream drops the moorings and slides gently towards the watershed. For miles, the blue waters of the Tapajos intertwine with the yellow waters of the Amazon without mixing like an immense lace. It is one of the favorite playgrounds of pink dolphins (boto) and gray dolphins (tucuxi).
A last look at this extraordinary landscape and sailing towards the mouth of Ituqui, a canal parallel to the Amazon River. (2 hrs)
18 h 30 : Sunset and aperitif on the third deck (do not forget the mosquito repellent, you are on the Amazon).
Short presentation by the guide, the next day and the region in which the boat has set its moorings.
20 h 00 : Dinner on board. First contact with the sounds, cries and murmurs of the Amazonian forest.
Night on the Ituqui, in a cove of Lake Maica. This first stop is on Lake Maica instead of the mouth of Curua Una. Lake Maica is a very favorable site for the exploration of fauna and flora.


7 h 00 : At dawn, the forest awakens: The birds take possession of their kingdom again. You are in Amazonia. Breakfast and motorboat excursion to observe the fauna and flora with your guide on Lake Maica. Fishing with piranha and other fish ... Each receives a fishing rod, the bait and following the advice of the sailors try one of the main activities on this territory: fishing.
12 h 00 : Back onboard the Amazon Dream, lunch and relax.
15 h 00 : Navigation along the Ituqui Canal and the Amazon River to the mouth of the Curua Una River (3 hrs).
18 h 30 : Sunset and aperitif on the third bridge surrounded by waters.
19 h 00 : Short presentation by the guide, the next day and the region in which the boat has set its moorings.
20 h 00 : Dinner on board
Overnight at the mouth of the Curua Una River.


7 h 00 : At sunrise, breakfast and motorboat excursion for the observation of the fauna and the flora in the company of your guide on the river Curua Una. Many pink dolphins are usually present in these waters. Fishing party with piranha and other fish ...
9 h 30 :Cabotage towards the village of Pacoval on the Curua-Una river in anexe or with the Amazon Dream according to the height of the waters. Visit of the community of Quilombolas (descendant of African slaves refugees in the 18th century in Amazonia) and meeting with the inhabitants. Small walk in the forest if the weather permits and exploration of the surrounding lakes.
12 h 30 : Return to the boat and lunch aboard.
14 h 30 : Sailing up the Amazon River by the left bank, on the shores, one sees the houses on stilts of the cabocles, the "people of the waters", resulting from the interbreeding of the Indians with the Portuguese conquerors in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
19 h 00 :Short presentation by the guide, the next day and the region in which the boat has set its moorings.
Arrival and overnight in Sao Joao do Tapara. This is the life of the "varzea" area flooded 6 months a year. The habitat on stilts, the organization of small livestock farms, meetings with sinners or farmers and always the fauna and flora.


7 h 30 : Breakfast and sailing in motor boats for the observation of fauna and flora on the small tributaries that link the Amazon to the Monte Alegre lake. Monkeys, caimans, iguanas, eagles, egrets, herons, parrots are often at the rendezvous.
13 h 00 : Lunch on board and sailing to Santarem.
14 h 00 : Arrival at the river terminal. Escale for the refueling and discovery of the city, the herbalists, the bazaars of the port, the stalls of multicolored hammocks and the life of the inhabitants.
16 h 00 : Back on board the Amazon Dream and sailing to Alter do Chao, the "Caribbean in the heart of the Amazon". Anchorage at the Cururu Point (September to December) or near the Green Lake: an Indian legend tells that a magic stone hidden at the bottom of the lake gives it these amazing green blue reflections.
19 h 00 : Short presentation by the guide, the day of the next day and the area in which the boat has laid its moorings;
20 h 00 : Dinner on board and overnight in Alter do Chao.


End of cruise 5 days / 4 nights and start of cruise 6 days / 5 nights
7 h 30 : Breakfast
9 h 30 : Small walk to the top of the hill Terra Amor or the Serra da Piroca, to discover a magnificent view of alter do Chao and the surroundings. Motorboat exploration of the green lake and the enchanted forest depending on the height of the water.
Boarding of new arrivals for the cruise of 6 days and 5 nights.
13 h 00 : Lunch on board, beach and idleness
16 h 00 : Navigation to the Jari, natural canal connecting the Amazon to the Tapajos (1 h 30).
19 h 00 :Short presentation by the guide, the next day and the region in which the boat has set its moorings.
Dinner on board
Night at the mouth of the Jari


7 h 30 : Breakfast at dawn and motorboat excursion for a discovery of the Rio Jari. This small river connecting the Amazon with the Tapajos is conducive to the discovery of the Amazonian fauna. Dolphins, crocodiles, iguanas, birds of all kinds, are normally numerous.
11 h 00 : Return to the boat
12 h 30 : Lunch on board
14 h 30 : At the end of the day, sail to Maguari, a community set up on the shore of the Tapajos National Forest.
19 h 00 : Short presentation by the guide, the next day and the region in which the boat has set its moorings.
Dinner on board and overnight in Maguari.


6 h 30 : Breakfast
7 h 00 : Walk in primary forest with guides from the Maguari community, looking for giant trees. Watching birds, canopy kings, blue butterflies and maybe even surprise the agile monkeys ...
13 h 00 : After this expedition, swimming, relaxing and lunch aboard.
15 h 30 : Cabotage on the right bank of the river towards Lake Marai (2 hours). We are following in the footsteps of the Langsdorff expedition, near one of the villages of the Munduruku Indians, painted by the Florence in 1828. Their descendants, anxious to preserve and to make known their traditions, reinvested the place and received visitors to ecotourism programs.
17 h 45 : Exit in appendix on the lake for bird watching at dusk.
19 h 00 : Short presentation by the guide, the next day and the region in which the boat has set its moorings.
20 h 00 : Munduruku Ritual
Dinner on board


6 h 00 : Light coffee. Expedition of observation of the fauna and the flora in pirogue accompanied by Indian guides.
7 h 00 : Breakfast
8 h 30 : Discover the Munduruku village of Marituba and walk in the forest with the Indian guides.
13 h 00 : Lunch on board.
15 h 00 : Navigation to Lake Anuma e Vista Alegre
Mooring in the lake at sunset. In the Amazon, the favorite hour of the Indians is that of the end of the day. Each time an event, a celebration: the water changes color, becomes golden ...
Short presentation by your guide, the day of the next day and the area in which the boat has laid its moorings.
20 h 00 : Meeting with representatives of the community of Vista Alegre and traditional dances.
Dinner on board and overnight on Lake Anuma


7 h 30 : Breakfast on board
8 h 00 : Departure for a "small expedition" in the heart of the Extrativist Reserve Tapajoara, a territory where the inhabitants live resources "extracted" from the forest, hence its name. Visit of the village, discovery of the everyday life of the cabocles: preparation of cassava flour, basis of all the local food, harvest of the latex by "seringueiros" on rubber trunks, picking of medicinal plants ...
Observation of the fauna and the flora by descending in canoe a "iguarapé", small river that winds in the forest.
12 h 30 : Back to boat and lunch
15 h 30 : Sailing to Alter do Chao for a last night in the heart of the Amazonian forest. Visit the village and craft shops.
Traditional dances and music on one of the beaches of Alter do Chao (weather permitting).
By night, sailing to Santarem and overnight in Santarem. (It is a night return after the party, most of the time the navigation conditions are very pleasant. This allows the next morning for those who do not leave until the beginning of the afternoon to visit the central market and the market to the fish of Santarem.

DAY 10

8 h 00 : Breakfast and visit of the fish market (depending on the opening day) or transfer to the airport for those whose plane is very early in the morning.
12 h 00 : Lunch on board or in a local restaurant for those who only leave in the afternoon and transfer to the airport. End of the cruise.


This traditional vessel, 27.50 meters long, built in Ipe wood and Itauba, was taken out of the shipyard in 2007. It can accommodate 18 passengers in conditions of reception, service and safety remarkable. Its cruising speed is 11 knots (22 km / h).

A warm and refined atmosphere.

The interior architecture of the boat gives priority to light, exotic woods, fabric color and its layout allows each guest to live at his own pace. In the living room-library, where paintings and handicraft items revive the history of the Amazon, one plunges passionately into the travel stories of the great expeditions.
On the upper deck, the dining room opens onto the great spectacle of nature. The bar offers delicious cocktails of Amazonian fruits with exotic tastes: cupuaçu, graviola, maracuja, acerola ... and the unmistakable caïpirinha ... And the solarium, shaded, with its sun loungers calls irresistibly to the farniente, rocked by the waters .

All the flavors of the Amazonian cuisine.

The Brazilian chef takes pride in discovering the local cuisine: duck with tucupi, fish with incredibly diverse tastes (pirarucu, tambaqui, tucunaré), specialties with exquisite flavors such as maniçoba, jambu, tacaca. The fruits of the forest, such as bacuri, acai, pupunha, lend themselves to delicious desserts. As for the ice creams of the State of Para, they are the most exotic in the world with their perfumes like uxi, mangaba, graviola, tapereba and Brazil nut ... For vegetarians of delicious salads, risottos and other dishes at their convenience.

An attentive crew, specialized guides.

Botanists or passionate biologists, our guides will share their in-depth knowledge of tropical flora and fauna and unveil the mysteries of the Amazon rainforest. They will also allow you to better understand the life of the cabocles and the Indians, the economic stakes of this sanctuary of the
biodiversity, the realities of a region divided between the diversity of development and the protection of its natural wealth.
A director, seven crew members and a guide will meet your expectations throughout the cruise.

Equipment adapted to the adventure "life-size".

The Amazon Dream is equipped with two motorboats to sink into the heart of iguarapés and observe the fauna and flora. Masks, fins and snorkels are available for guests to explore the translucent waters of rivers (iguarapés). Throws and baits allow the enthusiasts to go fishing tucunaré, tambaqui or black piranha ..


The telephone network allows you to connect on average every other day during the cruise.
The current on board is 220 volts.
The enclosed spaces are non-smoking. Passengers may smoke in the outer parts of the vessel.
The command post has the most modern navigation equipment: GPS, AIS, UHF and VHF radio, depth sounder, radar. The Amazon Dream meets all the standards required by the Brazilian Navy, it is certified annually by the company RBNA de Manaus and the services of the Brazilian Navy.


Each of the nine cabins, decorated differently, punctuated with Indian objects, opens onto the corridors and landscapes crossed. Spacious, 12 to 14 m2 with a height of 2.10 m, they have large beds in 140 or 160 or single beds in 80, a bathroom and toilet and are all air-conditioned.
Cabin No. 1 on the third deck, double bed or two single beds, plus a cot.
Cabins No. 8 and 9 on the second deck at the bow of the boat with shared private balcony, queen bed.
Cabins n ° 6 and 7 on the second deck to the stern of the boat with shared private balcony, big bed.
Cabins n ° 2, 3, and 4 on the first deck, double bed or two single beds, plus an extra bed.
Cabin No. 5 on the first deck, double bed.


The programs of the Amazon Dream have been designed according to an ecological and ethical charter whose objective is the preservation of the sites visited and the respect of the communities that welcome us.
Permits to enter the Tapajoara reserves and the Tapajos National Park are issued by the Brazilian Institute for Environmental Protection. The uniqueness of these cruises also resulted from the privileged relations established for several years with the various village officials.
To give the Amazon a bit of what it gives to travelers, we are helping to support local projects.

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