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Kasamar Tayrona ( Tayrona - Colombia)

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Kasamar is a private villa on the outskirts of Tayrona National Park – a great option for families, groups of friends or people who are after an exclusive getaway.

The house has four en-suite bedrooms with air conditioning and ample space for relaxing and eating.

The upper levels of the house have open sides so you can enjoy the sea breeze as you relax in the hammocks or on the wicker chairs with a good book.

The views out over the ocean and jungle really are something very special.


It offers 5 rooms, all with bathrooms, Direct TV, Wi-Fi, air conditioning and hot water.

It has 2 swimming pools, parking, BBQ area, fully equipped outdoor kitchen and bar, 2
employees and a butler.

It offers additional services of chef, bartender, massage and yoga instructor.

It has direct access to the river and to the sea.

He nearby river can be explored by canoe and Tayrona National Park is a short drive away.

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